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PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for iPhone SE & iPhone 5/5S
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Price: $69.95
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PHONESUIT ELITE 5 Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S
PhoneSuit Elite 5 Series
The Thinnest, Fastest Charging iPhone 5 Battery Case to Double your Power

The PhoneSuit Elite 5 Battery Case represents the perfect balance of power, protection and style for your iPhone 5S & iPhone 5. It allows you to extend the time you use your iPhone by removing the power restrictions that effect your daily lifestyle. You can now talk, text, browse, play your favorite apps & games for as long as you desire. No longer experience the frustration of low iPhone battery life. The PhoneSuit Elite more than doubles the power of the iPhone 5 by providing enough energy to get through 2 days of usage without the need to recharge. That's up to an extra 125% of iPhone power on demand. The Elite 5 features a soft touch, metallic-rubber grip coating, advanced power chipset, custom high density PhoneSuit battery cell encased in an ultra-thin full protection design. The PhoneSuit's high strength materials and reinforced construction ensure exceptional reliability and durability. The Elite 5 has been beautifully designed to complement the iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S perfectly. It retains the iPhone's true form while also enhancing ergonomics and comfortability. Take your power with you!
Elite Series
Up To 125% Extra Power
PhoneSuit's custom High density lithium-ion 2100 mAh Battery cell coupled with an advanced chipset & electronics can deliver the power you need for your iPhone. The PhoneSuit Elite can provide up to 125% additional iPhone power. More iPhone time to talk, chat and run your favorite Apps.
100% 225%
Unique Curved Bottom Design Works with More Headphones
PhoneSuit Elite is the only full protection iPhone 5S battery case to provide full access to the audio jack. No need for an extra headphone adapter, removing the case or some other cumbersome solution. It works great with most straight and curved headphone jacks without issue.
Ultra Drop Protection & Power in a slim, 15mm, compact design. The PhoneSuit Elite has had extensive research performed to deliver the best in performance & durability. After all, what good is an iPhone 5S battery case that can't protect your iPhone properly? The PhoneSuit Elite features structurally reinforced construction and high strength, polycarbonate, metallic rubber composite materials. The Elite has been drop tested from every angle to assure it performs flawlessly. A low profile, raised front edge helps protect the screen from accidental drops and scratches.

Polycarbonate Composite

Polycarbonate composite developed for strength and flexibility. Seamless edges for rigidity, dual injected plastic molding, high strength polycarbonate composite materials.

Re-Inforced Construction

Advanced, structurally reinforced construction ensures extreme durability rarely seen in a slim iPhone power case.

Soft Rubber Outer Layer

The soft-touch metallic rubber coating provides shock absorption and good grip.
Exceptional Materials and Accents
Every curve and edge has been meticulously designed for a 15mm thin profile. The back edges have been reduced for an unparalleled sleek look and feel. The Ergonomic design was key factor in designing the PhoneSuit Elite. Every corner, curve, seam, and opening has been refined into a smooth continuous ergonomic form. It feels great in your hand with good grip and soft touch metallic rubber composite materials. Take notice to the slim sides, we took every precaution not to add unnecessary bulk with extra bands or material. It’s a slim design you can truly feel.Pass-Through buttons allow for easy access to the iPhone volume and power.
Easily Access All Ports
The unique curved bottom and wide openings allow easy access to the Aux Jack, Microphone, and speakers
Advanced Chipset / Power Management Smart Power Management prioritizes and manages power delivery to your iphone 5. Features include pass-through charging, prioritized charging and automatic-off when the iPhone reaches 100%. The PhoneSuit Elite's custom high density lithium-ion polymer cell and advanced chipset can deliver high conversion efficiency when providing power to your iPhone. With PhoneSuit's large internal capacity, that's more than enough to assure your iPhone always has the power it needs.
Change & Sync with iTunes A full array of charging features including pass-through charging, automatic power off and iTunes sync. Charge the iphone 5 and Sync w/ iTunes all at the same time. Pass-through charging allows to charge both the iPhone and case simultaneously.
Technical Specifications Battery Capacity: 2100 mAh
DC OUT: 5V @ 1A
Size MM: L 138 x W 62 x H 15 mm
Weight: 79g / 2.78 oz
Model No: PS-ELITE-IP5
Model Name: PhoneSuit Elite 5 Pro for iPhone 5/5S
Talk: Up to 22 hours talk time
Video: Up to 22 hours video time
Music: Up to 90 hours music time
Micro USB Cable: Included
Materials: Polycarbonate Composite, Soft Rubber Layer
Accent Materials: Nickel Inner Plate
Drop Protection: MIL-STD-810G