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PhoneSuit Elite 6 PRO Battery Case for iPhone 6S & iPhone 6
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Price: $89.95
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Up to 120% extra power with Phonesuit iPhone 6 battery case PHONESUIT ELITE 6 Battery Case for iPhone 6S & iPhone 6
PhoneSuit Elite 6 Battery Case Series - PRO Edition
The Ultimate in Power, Protection & Performance
The PhoneSuit Elite 6 PRO Battery Case Series provides you with the ultimate in Power, Protection and Performance. The Sleek, Luxurious design and materials provide an Ultra Premium look and feel. PhoneSuit's advanced chipset and electronics coupled with a custom High density lithium-ion polymer Battery cells can deliver the power you need for your iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S. The PhoneSuit Elite 6 PRO Battery Case can provide up to 130% additional iPhone 6 power. More iPhone time to talk, chat and run your favorite Apps.

For those with less power needs, try the Elite 6 Standard Edition (Up to 100% Power).
100% 200% 230%

Advanced Touch Controls
Control & Power your Elite 6 PRO Battery Case with dual touch button controls. The capacitive touch buttons have no moving parts and are extremely durable. The end result is a sleek and seamless iPhone case appearance. Simply touch the left side for 1 second to check the battery status. Touch both the left and right side for 3 seconds to start or stop iPhone charging.

Phonesuit iPhone 6 battery case comes in multiple colors
The Phonesuit iPhone 6 Plus battery case protects from drops and scratches
A New Ultra-Thin, Sleek Design
Every curve and edge has been meticulously designed for an ultra-thin profile without sacrificing much needed protection. The Ergonomic design was key factor in designing the PhoneSuit Elite. Every corner, curve, seam, and opening has been refined into a smooth continuous ergonomic form. It feels great in your hand with good grip and soft touch metallic rubber composite materials. PhoneSuit designers pay close attention not to add unnecessary bulk, extra parts or excess material. It’s a slim design you can truly feel.
Phonesuit iPhone 6 battery case has DROP PROTECTION - MIL-STD-810G
Ultra Drop Protection & Power in a slim, compact design. The PhoneSuit Elite 6 PRO features structurally reinforced construction and high strength, polycarbonate, metallic rubber composite materials. The Elite 6 has been drop tested from every angle to assure it performs flawlessly. A low profile, raised front edge helps protect the screen from accidental drops and scratches.

Polycarbonate Composite

Dual injected plastic molding, high strength polycarbonate composite materials with scratch resistant coating

Reinforced Construction

Advanced, structurally reinforced construction ensures extreme durability rarely seen in an ultra slim power case.

Metallic, Soft-touch Outer Layer

Premium, ergonomic case design with metallic, rubber soft-touch coating for good grip and feel
Exceptional Design, Beautiful Materials and Accents
The PhoneSuit Elite is more than just functional, it’s designed to enhance appearance and features of your iPhone 6. Luxury materials, proprietary metallic rubber composites and laser crafted accents made of 100% Nickel metal for a distinct look and feel. This the quality you expect from a PhoneSuit Elite battery Case. Rise above the rest with the PhoneSuit Elite 6.
Easily Access All Ports
The PhoneSuit Elite is designed to be a true extension to your iPhone 6. No ports or sensors are covered or blocked by the Elite case. The headphone jack fits most slim line jacks. For large headphones, use the included extender audio jack.
Advanced Chipset / Power Management Smart Power Management prioritizes and manages power delivery to your iPhone 6. Features include pass-through charging, prioritized charging and automatic-off when the iPhone reaches 100%. The PhoneSuit Elite's custom high density lithium-ion polymer cell and advanced chipset can deliver high conversion efficiency when providing power to your iPhone. With PhoneSuit's large internal capacity, that's more than enough to assure your iPhone always has the power it needs.
charge and sync your  iPhone 6 with Phonesuit Change & Sync with iTunes A full array of charging features including pass-through charging, automatic power off and iTunes sync. Charge the iPhone 6 and Sync w/ iTunes all at the same time. Pass-through charging allows to charge both the iPhone and case simultaneously.
Increase your power with Phonesuit iPhone 6 Plus battery case Made for iPhone The PhoneSuit Elite 6 is Apple Certified to work with the iPhone 6/6S. It has been certified to meet Apple performance standards and compatibility. You can be assured that PhoneSuit products are crafted with the highest quality to meet and exceed industry standards.
Power your iPhone 6 with Phonesuit
Re-charge your iPhone 6 with Phonesuit
Technical Specifications Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh
DC OUT: 5V @ 1.5A
Size MM: L 153 x W 71 x H 14 mm
Size Inches: L 6.02 x W 2.79 x H 0.55 in
Weight: 100g / 3.52 oz
Model Name: PhoneSuit Elite 6 PRO Battery Case for iPhone 6
Talk: Up to 32 hours talk time
Video: Up to 25 hours video time
Music: Up to 115 hours music time
Headphone Jack Extender: Included
Micro USB Cable: Included
Materials: High Strength Polycarbonate, Soft Metallic Rubber Composite
Accent Materials: 100% Nickel
Drop Protection: MIL-STD-810G
Apple MFI License: Apple MFI Certified