AppleInsider Review | Ergonomic & Efficient Battery

· By Joe Carrillo

AppleInsider Review | Ergonomic & Efficient Battery

AppleInsider wrote a great review of the Elite Mag Wireless Portable Pocket Charger. Review Link Here

PhoneSuit Elite Mag - Great MagSafe Option For Daily Use

MagSafe batteries fulfill the need for steady power over time on an iPhone, and the Elite Mag does just that with little hassle and decently fast charging. The design makes us wonder why everyone else hasn't decided to design MagSafe batteries a bit more sensibly when it comes to human hands rather than making an attachable lithium-ion brick.


  • Fast charging
  • Convenient Battery Status
  • Comfortably Designed for Daily Use & Holding


"The PhoneSuit Elite Mag is a thin and fast-charging MagSafe power bank for half the price of Apple's original MagSafe battery, that does the job well."
"If you're wondering about trying out a MagSafe battery pack for a mid-range price, the Elite Mag is a great place to start."

Elite Mag Product Page Link


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