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Go Wireless!

For iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9, Pixel, Android, SmartPhones & More
The PhoneSuit Energy Core PRO Wireless Charge Pad lets you take full advantage of your iPhone & Smartphone's wireless charging. Simply lay your iPhone 11 on the wireless charge pad and start charging your device at the fastest 10 Watt & 7.5 Watt speeds. Remove the need to plug in extra chargers or cables and go wireless!  

Why It's Great!

No Extra Cables needed

Charge virtually any Apple or Android Device without wires

10 Watt Android & 7.5 Watt iPhone Wireless Charger

Charge your iPhone and SmartPhone at the fastest speeds

Qi Compatible

Charge most devices that our compatible with the Qi standard.

7.5 Watt iphone Wireless Charger

Apple features integrated iPhone wireless charging designed for high speed 7.5 Watt charging. The Energy Core is optimized to meet Apple's 7.5 Watt iPhone wireless charger standards for the fastest charging profile. Engineered for iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone, iPhone 8 Plus & More. An iPhone Wireless Charger is optimal for home, office & More.

10 Watt SmartPhone Wireless Charger

The latest Android Smartphones support Fast Charge Wireless for High Speed 10 Watt wireless charging. The Energy Core is designed to charge at both 10 Watt & 5 Watt depending on the SmartPhone to ensure it will charge your device at the highest speed possible. 10 Watt Wireless Charging rate allows for up to 2x faster charging. The Energy Core supports standards for Samsung wireless charger, Google pixel wireless charger, LG wireless charger and more. The Energy Core is a perfect Wireless charging solution for all of your Smartphones and Devices. The Energy Core is compatible with the Qi Wireless Charging standard.

The Perfect Wireless Charge Pad

The Energy Core Pad is designed to seamlessly transition with your modern home’s style and interior design. The high quality metal Zinc Alloy base gives a luxurious feel, substantial weight, & provides charging pad stability. It's an ideal iPhone Wireless Charger.

High Quality - Zinc Alloy Base

The high quality metal Zinc Alloy base gives a luxurious feel & provides charging pad stability. The metal base and rubber bottom provide a solid weight that doesn't slide or slip when charging your device.

Advanced Chipset / Power Management Smart Power Management delivers up to 10 Watt & 7.5 Watt wireless charging speed to your compatible device. Charge virtually any Qi compatible wireless device from iPhone to Android!

What's In The Box

Technical Specifications

Wireless Charging: 10 Watt & 7.5 Watt iPhone Wireless Charging
Output: 5V @ 1A, 9V @ 1.1A
Input: 5V @ 2A, 9V @ 1.7A
Size MM: Diameter 94 mm x Height 8 mm
Weight:165g / 6.76 oz
Model No: PS-WIRPAD-02
Model Name: PhoneSuit Energy Core Wireless Charge Pad
Micro-USB Cable: Included
Micro-USB Input Port: Integrated
Qi Wireless Standard Compatible: Yes
Compatibility:  iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Android, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, LG, Pixel, Pixel XL, & More
Materials: Polycarbonate Composite, Soft Rubber Layer, Metal Alloy Base

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 18 Reviews
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Helen C.
Best Product I've Owned

It's a standard wireless charging case but I like the design a lot. Works excellent with my pixel 3 and my husband's s10+.

Lloyd L. Burney
Great Design

I have purchased several wireless pad and this pad doesn't appear any different with its charging speed. But I love PhoneSuit's design much better. It feels of good quality and not something that will break if dropped by accident.

James N.
Excellent product for the price!

I love this device as it makes it easy to place my mobile device on top and boom. i leave it by my door so it is easy to know where it is at. works great with pixel and samung devices.

Hong R.
Excellent device but i couldn't believe it didn't work at first ugh.

I thought it didn't work because i thought it was a battery pack but it works great actually. i love using my s10 with this product.

Penny S.
It's a great device but i wish it was bigger

It's a great device but i wish it was bigger because i am very clumsy on forgetting to place my iphone. it works though.