Flex Pocket Charger for iPhone 4 (30-Pin)

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The Original Pocket Charger

World's Smallest, Most Powerful iPhone 4S/4/3G Battery Pack

The PhoneSuit Flex (Apple 30-Pin) pocket charger for iPhone & iPod is the perfect companion for your daily power needs. The Flex gives you the power to charge your iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone, iPod’s, and more in an ultra-compact, thumb-sized, portable device. It’s the world's smallest Lightning iPhone battery pack to provide more than a full charge of power on demand. That's up to 150% additional power depending on your device. A great feature of the Flex’s unique design is that you can seamlessly integrate power with the majority of iPhone protective cases available. Simply connect the Flex directly to the bottom of your iPhone for instantly satisfying iPhone power. Now you can have more than double the amount of time to talk, browse and run apps without having to remove your favorite iPhone case. It also works great for those who prefer no case at all. Use the Flex to provide power all day or keep it in your pocket safely to charge when needed.

Up To 150% Extra iPhone Power

The Flex iPhone charger integrates a Powerful, High density lithium-ion Battery cell joined with an advanced chipset & electronics to give your iPhone the charge it needs. It can provide up to 150% additional iPhone power depending on your iPhone model. More than double your iPhone battery time to talk, text and use your favorite Apps.

Power Your iPhone

The Flex Pocket Charger Series gives your iPhone & iPod up to 150% of extra power on demand. The Flex can deliver fast, efficient power to your Apple devices anywhere.

Charge On The Go

With the Flex's simple and compact design you can charge anywhere on the go. The integrated Lightning tip means you don’t need to carry an extra cable.

Use Your Existing Case

Charge through most iPhone & iPod cases. The extended lightning connector design lets you power up without removing your favorite case.

Works with Protective Cases

The New Flex Pocket iPhone Charger with 30 Pin connector design, allows you to keep your iPhone case attached and charge at the same time. The Flex battery is the only solution that can seamlessly integrate with most protective cases. It also works great with no case at all. It's the ultimate iPhone Charger. No need to carry cables. Power up anywhere.

Easily Fits in a Pocket Bag or Purse

Charge your iPhone and iPod just about anywhere. Stay charged while walking, skiing, traveling, or simply running about the office. Increase your battery life without the need of a wall outlet, extra wires or shutting down apps and settings.

Durable Construction

Machined Aluminum outer shell ensures extreme durability to protect from drops, scrapes and scratches.

Touch Controls

The discreet, yet intuitive LED lights stay hidden until you want to see a report of the available power. A press of the button reveals the remaining power in 4 easy to read luminous shapes. When all 4 lights are lit, it's fully charged.

Aluminum Shell

Luxury materials and precision, laser crafted accents made of 100% solid Aluminum for a strong look and feel. This is the craftsmanship you can expect from PhoneSuit.

Integrated 30 Pin Connector

The integrated, extended Lightning connector allows you to charge your iPhone through most cases without the use of wires. The Flex is all you need to keep your iPhone charged and ready. No need for an extra iPhone charger or iPod charger. The Lightning tip means it will work well with current and future Apple devices.

Made for iPhone and iPod (30 Pin)

The PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger is Apple Certified to work with the iPhone 4 / 4S, iPhone 3 / 3S, iPhone 1, and iPod Classic. It has been certified to meet Apple performance standards and compatibility. You can be assured that PhoneSuit products are crafted with the highest quality to meet and exceed industry standards.

Change & Sync with iTunes

A full array of charging features including pass-through charging, automatic power off and iTunes sync. Charge the iPhone and Sync w/ iTunes all at the same time. Pass-through charging allows to charge both the iPhone and case simultaneously.

Technical Specifications

Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
DC OUT: 5V @ 1A
Size CM: L 7.3 x W 2.1 x H 2.1 cm
Weight: 79g / 2.78 oz
Model No: PS-MICRO-A
Model Name: PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger for iPhone & iPod (30 Pin)
Compatible: iPhone 4 / 4S, iPhone 3 / 3S, iPhone 1
Talk: Up to 25 hours talk time
Video: Up to 25 hours video time
Music: Up to 100 hours music time
Protective Cap: Included
Micro USB Cable: Included
Materials: Aluminum Shell, Polycarbonate Caps