All-In-One Charger for iPhone, AirPods & More

By Joe Carrillo

All-In-One Charger for iPhone, AirPods & More


Remove The Charging Mess!

Remembering to charge the latest  iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Max, AirPods or Smartphone, with all if its chargers and cables, can be a real headache. Once you gather your charging devices together, it can manifest into a large mess in your pocket, bag, or purse. The PhoneSuit team has developed a way to turn the charging mess into a clean, simple, solution. Meet the Journey All-In-One Charger, it’s designed to include every charging device in one, easy to use, charger. Gone are the days of forgetting cables, battery packs, or wall chargers. Charging your iPhone, Samsung, Smartphones, and more is now a whole lot easier.

Pick Your Charger

Journey Travel Charger

The PhoneSuit Journey Travel Series has an integrated battery pack, Lightning cable, & Micro-USB cable. Never worry about carrying extra cables, batteries or chargers. The Journey is made for charging on the go. Charge your iPhone, Samsung, HTC, & More! Remove the messy wires.

4-In-1 Charger

Journey All-In-One Charger

The PhoneSuit Journey All-In-One Series has a built-in battery pack, Wall Charger, Lightning cable, & Micro-USB cable. The ultimate charger with 5-in-1 devices. The Journey has everything you need in an ultra-slim battery pack design. The Journey easily fits in your pocket, purse or bag for travel or normal use. Charge your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, Samsung, Google Pixel, & More! The most simple & economical way to charge on the go.

5-In-1 Charger


  • Received my today and it’s fantastic. It really does remove all the charging mess with one device.

    Greg86 on

  • Purchased last month, I definitely recommend! Clever idea for an iPhone charger.

    Tim on

  • Purchased this for Christmas and works like a charm with my iPhone 7 Plus.

    Ryan on

  • This is exactly what I need. Keeps all the cords together nicely so you don’t forget them. I much rather carry one charger that does it all.

    Ron J on

  • Interesting, I’m tired forgetting my iPhone 7 lightning cable.

    Sean C on

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