All of Your Chargers in One Simple Device

Journey All-In-One Charger Series

The PhoneSuit Journey All-In-One Charger Series has an integrated Battery Pack, AC Wall Charger, Lightning cable, Type-C & Micro-USB cable. The ultimate portable-charging device. The Journey has everything you need in an ultra-slim battery pack design. The Journey easily fits in your pocket, purse or bag for travel or normal use. Charge your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, & More! The minimalist way to charge on the go.

6-In-1 Charger

Built-In Cables

Use the Built in Lightning, Type-C & Micro-USB cables to charge Apple or Android Device.

AC Wall Charger

The Built-In AC Wall Charger is foldable for an ultra slim design.

Battery Pack

High Density Lithium Ion Battery Pack