The PhoneSuit Story

PhoneSuit, located in Santa Monica, California, develops innovative technology with contemporary design and style for today's mobile computing devices. Our line of mobile power, audio, video and protection accessories for Apple, Samsung, Android Smartphones & Tablets ensures users have the tools they need to stay connected. PhoneSuit discovered a need in the market for portable power delivery to feed the growing demand of energy hungry Smartphones back in 2007. We also recognized our customers' desire for stylish products to match the quality of their favorite mobile devices. This coupled with the latest in technology and features allows PhoneSuit to deliver best in class products. We invite you to try our line of Smartphone and Tablet accessories.

Exceptional Quality & Performance

With the arrival of the Smartphone the accessibility of information has changed forever. The Smartphone may be the most important piece of technology to come to us this century. It revolutionized the interface and capabilities of what we knew about communication devices. From it, a whole new generation of mobile computing has been born. The Smartphone links the palm of your hand with the world in ways one never imagined. Now many of us are part of this always on, always available, 24/7 lifestyle. To stay ahead of the curve, PhoneSuit delivers the performance and power your mobile devices need.

Engineering & Design Work Together

PhoneSuit has received numerous press reviews rating our products as top in their class. Our products have been featured in leading industry publications, including: PC Magazine, MacWorld, PC World, Engadget, Gizmodo, iLounge, CNET, Mashable, Consumer Reports and more.

Precision + Creativity + Passion

Located in the heart of Southern California’s Silicon Beach, our love for life, travel, design and pursuit of perfection shows through in our products.